heirloom quality by hand

Each piece of furniture we create is made to highlight the beauty of the wood with the support of hand-welded metal. We work with your designer to create a piece that takes your entire space into consideration. Whether you have specific ideas or just a dream of what you want, we can help you bring the piece to life. 


custom projects

Floor to ceiling custom work

Our team's background in construction and renovation allows us to expertly design, fabricate and install your custom project. From furniture and cabinetry to shelves and counter tops, even doors and casing, we will work with you to create a custom space that visualizes your brand or style. 


Lighting & art installations

one of a kind work for your space

Form and function can produce beautiful art. Our unique installation pieces will set your space apart, bringing in the warmth and beauty of wood and the modern element of metal and even unique lighting alternatives. We work closely with you to create your specific vision for your space. 


learn more about The Custom process

We are passionate about bringing your ideas to life. Find out more about how we work with you to make your vision a reality.